By streamliner Apr 12, 2012
  • Andersen wrote TIME's "Person of the Year" article on the Protestor:
    • He didn't make the selection, but the choice was "exactly right."
  • Protests differed: Tunisia/Egypt -- "get rid of the dictator" -- versus Athens/Madrid/USA.
    • But similarities: middle class, educated, relatively apolitical protestors
    • And protests did spur one another -- "it wasn't an accident," but a contagion.
  • Social media actually did play a big role.
    • Not only for coordination, but to spread news of crackdowns/violence.
  • What will the role of technology be in building new democracy?
    • Skeptical/nervous of technology having a big role in active governing.
    • Technology may be "too instant." Has been a big factor in the U.S.'s increasing "partisan disfunction and ideology."
  • Will 2011 be a symbolic year for the digital revolution?
    • "We'll see." Compares to 1848 (industrial revolution) -- but those failed.
    • 2011 will be studied, whether or not it results in global democracy.
  • Did Steve Jobs deserve to be named Person of the Year?
    • He died in 2011 but: did he have the greatest impact in 2011?
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