By streamliner Nov 11, 2011
  • Dropbox has opportunity to make everything else (beyond files) better, e.g. web apps, services that use Dropbox as a back-end.
    • Example: textbook app for iPad. Can leverage Dropbox to augment a textbook with an individual class's additional materials (syllabus, etc.)
  • iPhone/mobile expansion created a need for Dropbox. The new devices needed file-syncing and -access.
  • Dropbox is not as much storage as it is "an experience."
    • All your stuff wherever you are.
  • "We're going from files in a directory to data in an app."
    • Opportunity to create "the Internet filesystem."
  • What's the future of a work organization?
    • People will demand from their work tools the same functionality/usability as consumer apps.
    • Example: Charleston Symphony used Dropbox to replace their servers and IT staff.
    • IT shouldn't define how workers use technology.
  • Challenge: scaling as an organization to build different experiences everywhere.
    • "There's no button on your computer for 'put this file online.'" This problem goes away if everything's already online.
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