By streamliner Sep 20, 2011
  • Ron Paul criticized our foreign policy's role in 9/11
    • Paul: "If we think that we can (occupy their land) and not have retaliation, we're kidding ourselves."
    • (Crowd boos as Ron Paul speaks about Al-Qaeda motive)
  • Chomsky: "completely uncontroversial."
    • Wall St Journal study of privileged ("moneyed") Muslims:
      • "Lot of antagonism to US policy in the region."
      • They are bitterly opposed to policies.
    • "Anger about US backing... of Israel occupation."
    • Sanctions against Iraq were brutal/destructive.
      • Mass slaughter of Iraqis.
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Noam Chomsky on Ron Paul's 9/11 Theories: "Completely Uncontroversial"