By Trevor Sep 16, 2011
  • President begins the ceremony
  • Sergeant Dakota L. Meyer has earned the highest military honor, the Medal of Honor
  • Only the 3rd time that a recipient of the Medal of Honor has been alive, during the Iraq/Afghanistan wars
    • Honored to be joined by another Medal of Honor winner - Sergeant First Class Leroy Petry
  • Dakota is one of the youngest to be awarded the honor, he was 21 when he performed the deeds
  • When the Presidents staff called, he was unable to take the call during his work hours because he "if he didnt work, he doesnt get paid"
    • So instead he got the call during his lunch break
  • Presidential joke!
  • Today he collects the medal in honor of his fallen comrades
    • Because of Dakota 36 men are alive today, and because of courage four fallen Americas are home
  • Standing ovation for military personal who served with Dakota
  • President bestows the Medal of Honor
    • Handshake and standing ovation
  • Closing statement by the President
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Medal of Honor for Sergeant Dakota L. Meyer