By streamliner Nov 9, 2011
  • The flying process is dehumanizing. "We've ignored our customers for a long time."
  • Why do airlines struggle to innovate?
    • "Complicated, technical business."
    • Innovation falls to the wayside, plus cost pressures take their toll.
  • Virgin America innovations:
    • Visually-pleasing environment.
    • Technology: in-flight entertainment, seatback crew communication, power plugs, wifi.
    • We're considering a starfield -- a representation of the actual stars -- on the ceiling.
    • Possibly cameras to allow everyone to "have a window."
    • Social networking on an airplane?
      • Potentially social gaming within or between aircraft.
  • Frequent flier programs are Virgin's biggest competition. FF programs don't want Virgin to participate.
  • How important is an airline's web site?
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David Cush (Virgin America): Why We Hate Our Airlines